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Why You May Want To Consider The Kodak PlaySport

Why You May Want To Consider The Kodak PlaySport

Considering all the millions of healthy people doing their thing wherever they go, they could use something like the Kodak PlaySport Zx5 HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera. The PlaySport is quite versatile since you can be an outdoor person or not, it is just more rugged than others and is suitable for the outdoors. It's also a camcorder that won't stretch your budget too much. In this article, we will review just a few of what the PlaySport has to offer.rnrnThe Kodak PlaySport comes with useful software that you should download when you first connect it to your computer. This software gives you the ability to do some editing and add features to your videos. Some people love making funny videos by adding crazy things to them.rnrnYoutube is full of homemade videos that have some audio accompaniment, and that is just one little thing you have at your disposal. The best thing to do is play around with some videos you have taken, and then you will get better at using it. rnrnNaturally you are concerned about the pricing, and you need to see what kind of value you get. While you can always find good deals on the web, just remember the retail price of the PlaySport is $159.rnrnThis is pretty decent in our opinion, and this is something you can use just about anywhere. But do remember that this is a low cost camera, so it will not ever be something perfect. You can find a few video cameras that are even cheaper, but when you spend under $100, you're more likely to be getting something that's more of a toy than a real camera.rnrnKodak obviously made the design for this so they could market it as for the outdoors, etc. The waterproof seals are just for emergencies and it is not intended to operate underwater, in our opinion.rnrnThere are seals that help the camera take some water, and that is just a temporary condition so remember that. However, users have pointed out that trying to take pictures underwater may cause real problems, such as the hatch door jamming permanently. In fact, try to take care of it as if it was not waterproof and it will last longer. The target audience for the Kodak PlaySport Zx5 HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera does exist and will be pleased with the results. If you're looking for a top of the line camcorder that takes perfect videos in all conditions, you're going to have to spend more money. If you do look at the Zx5 PlaySport, you will be impressed with the size and ruggedness.

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